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What is Brand off "Trade In Service"?

If you sell your items and buy other at the same time=Trade-in, we will buy your items 10% higher than assessment price.

HKD 3,380 watch
HKD 3,380 watch
HKD 5,300 Hermes Boledo
HKD 5,300 Hermes Boledo

For example, when you sell the watch that assessment price is HKD 3,380 and buy Hermes Boledo(costs HKD 5,300) at the same time, our assessment for watch will be be HKD 3,718(10% UP). Therefore you can buy Hermes Boledo by HKD1,582.

This service may not provide sometimes according to the product condition and latest market price.

Way for Trade-in Service

Choose the item you want to buy01

At the shop

Choose the favorable item and request the staffs Trade-in Service.

From Online shop

Choose and check the favorable item

Request the assessment02

At the shop

We will assess instantly

From Brand off on line shop

Apply delivery kit from Buy-out concierge service page. After receiving, write down 13 digits product code on the application form.

It may happen that the product is already sold before your items are received. Please make the product reservation by call to check the stocks.

Inform you the final price03

At the shop

If our accessment price is more than the price of your purchase,, we will pay the difference by cash or bank transfer.

From our on line store

If our accessment price is more than the price of your purchase, we will pay the difference by cash or bank transfer. If the price of your purchase is more than accessment price, we will arrange the delivery after settlement of difference.

It is also available to buy the product after the assessment price is fixed.

The case Hermes Birkin Trade-in

  • 例 その1 欲しいエルメスのバーキンを見つけた!

    I have found the Birkin I was looking for.

  • 例 その2 予算なしが足りないな・・・

    This is my favorite color, but not enough budget.

  • 例 その3 使わないバッグを下取りしてもらおう!

    Just decided to sell those three LV bags for Trade-in.

  • 例 その4 宅配買取りでお申込みすれば簡単!

    Order delivery kit for assessment

  • 例 その5 買い替えで欲しいバッグを安く購入できた!

    Happy to buy my favorite Birkin with much lower price than my budget!

  • We also buy out goods in these conditions.
  • Brand off 上門Buying out