Message from CEO

The way of Brand x Recycle

Fostering and
There was a big possible market.
The [industry of Brand Recycle] is the business to connected with future.
And it has big possibilities, it is a bright growing market is Japanese values.

We respect the style of each brand, and we will take it with us to the future.
We do our best to provide fashion to many people with low price.

The story of things ="Feelings" are important for
propulsion 3R the three ecology*.
(*Reuse, Receycle, Reduce)

Our business continues to aim for "360 degree of happiness".

The tallest mountain in Japan,
and the tallest mountain in the world.

We are aiming the tallest mountain in the brand recycle industry.

First is, tallest mountain in Japan.
Second is, tallest mountain in the world.

We are aiming to make two big mountain in the
inudstry of brand recycle.

The mountain we are aiming, it doen't have easy way to go,
because no body has climbeed this mountain called "Brand Secondary Distribution Inudstry".

しAlthough we are able to climb mountain from East, West, South, and North.
If there is no way to step forward, we are able to build the way.
We belive it hard to get close to the top of the mountain.

Now, we are looking for the member who will aim for that top of mountain together.

Brand Off-Isism,
which burns your passion.

Win or loose for your life time, it will be decided by the difference of the passion.

If you lose your passion, the growth path will slow
down and will stop gradually. Then, "bad things" increase,
most of the things in daily life become "melancholy".
Melancholic will invite the "cold heart" in which the fire of passion
has vanished, Growth stops when the heart is cold.

However, even "bad things" can change to
"growth of life" instead of melancholy.
For that, there is nothing other than burning "passion" hotly.

Work = Life is a serious thing, a difficult thing, an unknown thing ...c a thing that goes beyond the limit.
Though they may be "bad" for a moment, they will work with courage.

If you jump into "bad things" with "hot heart"
That fever will kill the melancholy and erase the border "unhappy" one day.
At the moment that "Unhappy" will become "Something that was unhappy"
"Wall" which had been blocking the way goes to "door" and the door of the next stage opens.

This repetition is the key to growth of life = to win (to overcome) self.
And this essence is brand off-isism (principle).

Brand off is a company that is full of isism which to bring out the hope.
We are currently looking for a group that aims for "top" of the mountain "Brand Secondary Distribution".

Live with PASSION

Brand Off Co., Ltd. CEO Tsutomu Yasuyama


(past · present · future)


What is Trilogy · · · "past" "present" "future"
It is a word expressing three consecutive time axes.

Thinking through these three synchronously,
You can find "true price" and make it appear as it should be.

This is a trilogy of "Brando off Corporation".
It is a booklet to know the "past" "present" "future" of Brand Off.
Please download, please read.

· About Introduction of brand off
· History and history of Past brand off
· Present brand off now
· Future brand off official vision and strategy
· History of Brand Off & Founder


Company profile

Firms:Brand Off Co., Ltd.
Year of establishment:April 1993
Japan head office address:2-5-17, Shinkanda, Kanazawa-City, Ishikawa, Japan
(Except Saturday, Sunday, end and first day of the year.)
Business nature:Bags and watches of overseas brands, purchasing and wholesale business of jewelry and clothing. Web mail order sales business of the above products, auction business of the above products
Number of employee:214
Number of shops:22shops(Direct management 8 Shops FC 4shops Overseas 10shops)
Transaction bank:Bank of Tokyo- Mitsubishi UFJ, Bank of Mizuho, Bank of Hokuriku, Shoko Chukin Bank Bank of Fukui, Bank of Hokuriku
CEO:Tsutomu Yasuyama