Peace of mind commitment

Trust and performance

The company was established in 1993, this year into the 22nd anniversary.

By Ginza four-chome intersection of the building for the Japanese Ginza Corporation began operations, extended to Japan and overseas, including Hong Kong, Taiwan etc. All the way by many customers with love and expectations, now has opened about 32 stores.

Up to now online stores are also operating for more than 10 years.

BRANDOFF peace of mind commitment

We declare "Never sell bad brand goods" (※ Note 1).

In case the shop is confirmed to sell the product, the company will take responsibility and refund the corresponding goods.

The BRANDOFF goal is to provide accurate information. Especially second-hand brand goods, we will simply provide the use of goods and status in the customer, so as not to mislead customers.

※ Note 1: "Unfair branded goods" is based on the following criteria

· Does not meet the company's review standards, such as commodity inspection and research results
· Copy, remake of the product or similar products
Sale of "Louis Vuitton style", "Hermes type" and other goods
· Goods that were rejected by Japanese agents for various reasons

However, this is a fair trading platform, such as the purchase site non-agency, or antique goods from the store repair and other reasons are not accepted.

February 2016 - Online store Released