Membership Agreement

Article 1 - Issuance of Points

1. Receive 1 point for every spending or purchase of over HK$100

2. Points will not be awarded for amounts less than HK$100.

3. Points will be issued on the point issuance date set by the company. Points earned can be used on your next purchase

4. No points will be awarded for the amount paid with points or coupons

5. Points are valid within one year from the final purchase date. Additionally, points awarded on a separate purchase date will expire within one year from the date of purchase

Article 2 - Use of Points

1. 1 point can be used as HK$1 at the time of purchase, which can be used as partial or full payment

Article 3 - Return Processing of Purchased Goods

1. If you return a product for which you have obtained purchase points, the points for the product will be invalid, and the points equivalent to the returned price will be deducted from the point balance

2. If the point balance are negative when returning the product, the negative amount must be paid in cash

Article 4 - Loss of Membership

1. Members who have one of the following situations will lose their membership qualifications and their points will automatically expire

  • Members who had provided false information to the company
  • Members breach of this agreement
  • Members withdraw from the company's membership due to personal reasons
  • The company judges that the member's credit deterioration or other major reasons make it difficult to continue this agreement

Note: The company will not be responsible for any loss caused by loss of membership

Article 5- Regarding Withdrawal from Our Company Membership

1. Members can withdraw at any time. When withdrawing, please go to the branch where the membership was handled to notify the withdrawal

2. The accumulated points of the member will be invalid when the membership is withdrawn

Article 6 - Inquiries

1. For inquiries about this agreement and membership services, please contact the branch where the membership was handled

2. In the case of any dispute, the decision of KOMEHYO BRAND OFF ASIA LIMITED should be final.