Privacy Policy


KOMEHYO BRAND OFF ASIA LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") is committed to the society on the basis of its business philosophy and its own rules of conduct.

While gaining the trust of customers, we will continue to promote business activities and live up to the high expectations that customers have placed on the Company.

The Company acknowledges that Personal information the user's valuable assets, and is a source of new value creation and an important asset for the Company.

Customers Personal information is strictly managed. The company manages and handles customers Personal information according to the following basic measures.


Basic countermeasures


(1) The Company complies with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong and other relevant laws and regulations. The Company also conscientiously implements the [BRAND OFF Personal Information Protection Program (hereinafter referred to as the Company Code)] and implements the Guidelines in a continuous effort to improve.

(2) In the development of the protection of personal information management system at the same time, this principle will be implemented to all management and staff. Efforts to implement compliance.

(3) The Company uses customers personal information in accordance with the scope of use of personal information. Without the consent of the customer or without justifiable circumstances, the customer's personal information will not be disclosed to a third party.

(4) The Company strives to maintain the security of customers' personal information, and prevents illegal access to personal information and loss, damage, tampering, and leakage of information.

(5) The Company accepts the customer's personal information inquiry requirements and requests and handles it promptly with a sincere attitude


(Formulated: September 30, 2004)

(Revised on 5 November 2005)

(Amendment: October 26, 2016)

K-Brand Off Co.,Ltd. Legal representative: Yuya Yamauchi


Purpose of collecting personal data


The Company will use the personal data provided by the customer, and will clearly indicate the purpose of use and use it within the scope of use. If it is necessary to use it outside the scope of use, we will first obtain the consent of the customer


Scope of use - Customer's personal data will be used for the following purposes


(1) Shipment and delivery of goods

(2) Sending information about products, services, and events

(3) Distribution of e-mail magazines about products, services and events

(4) To respond to inquiries, consultations, business negotiations, etc., and to manage entry and exit to our facilities

(5) Issuance of warranty and provision of warranty service

(6) Provision of various membership services

(7) For product development, questionnaire survey implementation, monitor implementation, other marketing research and analysis, and consideration and implementation of marketing measures

(8) To prevent and respond to misconduct

(9) To provide, solicit, advertise, or otherwise market the products and services of the Company or a third party in accordance with the interests and concerns of the individual based on the analysis of the attributes and behavior history of the individual in the media of the Company or a third party. (This includes extracting and aggregating attribute information that cannot identify an individual from among personal information and conducting statistical surveys.)

(10) To provide third parties with advertising distributors in order to achieve the preceding paragraph

(11) For other purposes of use incidental to the above purpose of use


Other terms


(1) This Privacy Policy relates to our handling of personal information in Hong Kong. Therefore, it does not apply to Komehyo Holdings Co., Ltd., the parent company of K-Brand Off Co., Ltd., its subsidiaries, and our overseas subsidiaries.

(2) The provision of personal information to the Company is voluntary, but if the required items are not provided, or if the personal information provided is inaccurate, the Company, including browsing the website operated by the Company, you may not be able to use our services

(3) If you are under the age of 18, please obtain your parent's consent before providing your personal information.

(4) We are not responsible for ensuring the security of personal information on other companies' websites linked to our website.

(5) The Company may create pseudonymously processed information and anonymously processed information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and other related laws and regulations. If we create this information and change the purpose of use, we will announce it here or notify you by other means.